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Concrete X-Ray

While concrete x-ray services are not as reliable or effective as ground penetrating radar, sometimes it is necessary to use x-ray imaging in projects where ground penetrating radar doesn’t make sense. There are a number of reasons why GPR services are not always the best or most appropriate choice, and that’s when concrete x-ray technology becomes necessary. Unfortunately, many companies rely on concrete x-ray for all of their scanning services, despite the fact that it is not as reliable or safe as GPR. At Concrete Visions, we use x-ray only as a last resort when GPR isn’t feasible.

Concrete Visions offers concrete x-ray services for clients throughout Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Baltimore, and D.C. Our expert technicians are highly trained and capable of handling a wide range of projects, and with our commitment to safety, you can trust Concrete Visions for any and all of your concrete X-Ray needs.

Why would I need concrete x-ray services?

Despite the fact that concrete x-ray is commonly used throughout the concrete scanning industry, it’s neither as effective nor as reliable as GPR. That’s why at Concrete Visions, we always use ground penetrating radar whenever possible. Sometimes, however, concrete is too thick or there are areas that contain so much rebar that the GPR signal is unable to penetrate. In these situations, concrete x-ray is the only viable alternative.

What are the downsides of concrete x-ray services?

Concrete x-ray is necessary for certain applications, but it comes with drawbacks. Firstly, the use of concrete x-ray produces radiation and it is critically important that any building where concrete x-ray is being used is cleared of all inhabitants. Otherwise, there is a safety risk that includes exposure to radiation. Secondly, it is not nearly as accurate as GPR, which has a 99% success rate.

My project requires concrete x-ray services. Why should I choose Concrete Visions to complete the job?

At Concrete Visions, we are committed to getting the job done right. Unlike many of our competitors, we use GPR whenever possible and only resort to concrete x-ray when absolutely necessary. When it is necessary, we are committed to completing the project while adhering to strict safety standards that ensure the job is done efficiently and with minimal disruption. We strive to continually educate our staff on the importance of safety and reward them for incorporating safe practices throughout their work to ensure that they go above and beyond industry safety standards.

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