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Bridge Deck Inspection

When the age and condition of reinforced concrete structures need to be assessed, ground penetrating radar (GPR) offers an accurate and non-destructive method of analysis. Whereas traditional visual and acoustic inspection techniques are subject to operator interpretation and therefore at risk of a faulty analysis, GPR is incredibly reliable and efficient. For bridge deck inspection, balcony inspection, and the analysis of other concrete structures such as parking garages, GPR is the best method available.

With extensive experience providing GPR bridge deck inspection services throughout Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, Concrete Visions is equipped to accurately and efficiently diagnose the condition of your concrete structure. Concrete Visions is a spinoff of G&M Services, which has been providing concrete coring, cutting, and sawing services for over 25 years.

Bridge Deck Inspection Services

Concrete bridge decks are at risk of premature deterioration due to age as well as the destructive nature of de-icing salts and saltwater in coastal areas. The chlorine contained in these salts embeds into the concrete itself, which can quickly corrode the interior reinforcements. This will eventually lead to cracks and delamination when left unchecked.

GPR is the only non-destructive bridge deck inspection method that is offered. Traditionally, bridge deck inspections are conducted using chain dragging or hammer soundings. Delaminated concrete produces a notably hollow sound which indicates the need for repair. Unfortunately, both of these methods requires the inspector’s own personal analysis, which can lead to inconsistent results depending on the operator who conducts the inspection. The intrusion of traffic noise can also greatly reduce the accuracy of the results and these methods require the closure of traffic lanes in order to be completed.

GPR offers a much better alternative to subjective bridge deck inspection methods as the results require no interpretation and does not run the risk of causing damage to the bridge deck itself because it does not require the removal of any existing asphalt. GPR also does not require lane closures, allowing for a much less disruptive analysis.

Trust Concrete Visions for your Bridge Deck Inspection and Balcony Inspection Needs

At Concrete Visions, our field mechanics are highly skilled and trained to use GPR technology to accurately assess the age and condition of bridge decks and balconies. They are able to respond to the needs of your unique job site and our concrete scanning services are so accurate that in 2010, we performed 6,800 scans and experienced only 7 reported incidents.

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