Locate Corrosion, Cracks, and Voids

When concrete coring, drilling, or sawing is necessary, a thorough analysis of what lies within and/or beneath the concrete surface is a crucial first step. Using ground penetrating radar (GPR), a reputable concrete company will be able to locate corrosion, cracks, and voids before beginning the job which will prevent headaches and hassle down the line.

Concrete Visions is a trusted expert in using GPR to locate the problems that lie within and/or beneath the surface of your concrete. For over 12 years, we’ve been providing concrete scanning services throughout Washington, D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Baltimore. Our trained and trustworthy experts can identify potential issues with a range of GPR applications before they lead to problems with your concrete sawing or drilling project.


Locating corroded rebar can be a difficult task, but will ensure the stability of your project down the line. Because corroded rebar scatters the GPR signal, it reflects less energy than a fully functional steel bar. Nonetheless, a trained and qualified technician should be able to carefully analyze GPR results for anomalies and, when necessary, conduct further testing that will accurately indicate the existence of corroded rebar beneath your concrete surface.


Cracks can also be difficult to identify using GPR, and the radar’s effectiveness will depend on the location and makeup of the cracks. Vertical cracks are generally almost impossible to detect, but horizontal cracks may be picked up by GPR, especially when they are filled with water. GPR’s success in finding cracks also depends on whether they are located above rebar or beneath it and their general size.


Easier to detect than cracks or corrosion, voids beneath your concrete surface can generally be picked up by GPR so long as they are of a certain size and within a certain proximity to rebar. Void location analysis is most often necessary beneath slab-on-grade to prevent the possibility of collapse when the slab is heavily loaded. It is generally not possible to analyze the exact size or thickness of the void, but the extent of its area can usually be accurately determined when a skilled GPR technician knows what to look out for.

For your crack, corrosion, and void detecting needs, trust the experts at Concrete Visions. Our field technicians are highly skilled and trained and they can offer results in real time. With our commitment to quality and safety, you can trust that we will get the job done right.