Customer Feedback

  • Our Office

  • My call was answered promptly:  Yes No
  • I was transferred to the correct person to handle my needs:
     Yes No
  • The person I talked to was polite and helpful:  Yes No
  • I received all the information I asked for when asking for an estimate:  Yes No
  • I received this information in a timely manner:  Yes No
  • My needs were met when I called to schedule work:  Yes No
  • I feel the scheduler did all he/she could to meet my needs:
     Yes No
  • When calling with a problem or complaint, my concerns were addressed and handled politely and professionally:  Yes No
  • Any problems were corrected in a timely manner:  Yes No
  • Overall I would rate the services of the office of G&M Services as:  Excellent Good Fair Poor
  • In the Field

  • Mechanics were on time to the job:  Yes No
  • Mechanics started working in a timely manner:  Yes No
  • Mechanics took all the necessary precautions to assure safety and cleanliness:  Yes No
  • Mechanics cleaned up any debris they had at the end of the day:  Yes No
  • Mechanics spent the entire time on the job in a productive manner:  Yes No
  • Mechanics assured the job was clean and complete before leaving:  Yes No
  • Mechanics were professional at all times on the job:  Yes No
  • Overall I would rate the service in the field as:
     Excellent Good Fair Poor